All about Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt LiftDuring the last few years the abdomen and buttocks have received a lot of publicity. This is because a nice looking butt is not only sensuous but also enhances a woman’s body. Brazilian butt augmentation is a process that results in prominent, youthful and sensuous as well as perky buttocks. Basically the process involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and transferring them to the buttock area in order to create a fuller butt. Mostly the procedure is performed under general anesthesia by a qualified surgeon and takes approximately 1 ½ hours. Women who have little fat content are usually advised to get implants so as to enhance their buttocks.

Brazilian butt augmentation usually begins with the surgeon assessing the best sites to harvest fat cells. The most usual sites for fat removal include thighs, hip, abdomen and back region. Once the potential areas are identified the butt lift specialist withdrawals about 700 cubic centimeters of fat. The fat is purified by the cosmetic surgeon before injecting the best cells into the buttocks area. During the fat reinjection process hundreds of injections might be involved. This procedure is meant to fill the upper part of the buttocks in order to make it appear fuller and rounded.

The process of removal and reinjection of fat cells into the butt area is considered safer than other methods of butt augmentation such as butt implants because it poses fewer risks of infections. The process is also perceived to be as friendlier to the body as well as being long lasting since it involves fat cells. Cells are the most basic building blocks of life; adult cells are highly specialized for particular purposes. Some cells such as stem cells remain less specialized thus playing a leading role in the healing process since they are able to divide into a large variety of cell types. Previously stem cells were harvested from the body through aspiration of the bone marrow; however recent research concluded that they can be found in abundance in body fat. Obtaining these cells from fat is easier and they are more abundant since they can be collected using liposuction which eliminates the controversy over embryonic stem cell use.

Many celebrities and famous personalities have more natural looking and fuller buttocks courtesy of the Brazilian butt augmentationprocess .One of the events that fueled the demand for this procedure is the Royal Wedding where millions of people could not help but notice Pippa Middleton’s attractive figure. The bride’s sister enhanced figure sparked an increase in butt augmentation in Britain as well as globally. Other celebrities who have benefited from this procedure include Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

In order to achieve the best results, liposuction is performed in the area around the buttocks to make them stand out. Usually the areas involved include the back, thighs and stomach, it is important to note that the very act of liposuction gives your lower body a highly attractive look. The fat is taken through a purification process which means that only a certain percentage of the fat removed will qualify for reinjection to the buttocks. Most surgeons opt to liposuction at least two areas of the body to get enough fat. During the purification process the best fat cells from the donor are selected and separated from the rest. These fat cells are the transferred to the buttocks area with special cannulas.

During the fat cells transfer small amounts of purified fat are injected into different areas of the buttocks. This is done at varying depths so that the client will get the highest rate of permanent absorption. Butt augmentation surgeons must correctly inject the fat using hundreds of micro-fat injections so as to achieve a natural, uniform and smooth appearance. If the correct procedure for fat collection, purification and injection is followed to the letter the results should last for long. Usually when the process is performed by a highly experienced butt augmentation specialist no touch ups or second round fat injections are required.

Slim women who do not have enough body fat but wish to have their butts augmented can choose to go for silicone butt implants. In order to have the implants inserted into their butts the surgeon performing the procedure makes a small incision in the crack between buttock cheeks. The silicone implants are then inserted into the tissues of the buttocks while taking extreme care not to interfere with the nerves. Once the incision is healed it becomes quite difficult to detect the area where the incision was done resulting in a prominent and round butt. Implants only fill the outer and upper parts of the buttocks. This is because it is quite difficult to fill the lower area of the butts since any implants inserted into this area are likely to interfere with the nerves. Only fat injections can be used to fill out the lower part of the buttocks.

Once the Brazilian butt augmentation has been performed a patient is advised not to sit directly on their buttocks up to three weeks. This ensures that they get permanent results; it is advisable to wear a special garment so as to prevent swelling. Slight swelling may be noticed up to six weeks; however you can resume normal activities after four weeks.

Advantages of Brazilian butt lift
– Fat transplanting eliminates the risk of rejection by the body.
– Most patients are comfortable using their own fat.
– Patients benefit by removal of fat from donor sites through liposuction.
– The method of fat removal and reinjection is more natural than the butt implants.

Disadvantages of butt augmentation
– Patients have to wait for about 3 weeks before sitting on their buttocks.
– Clients must don special garments in order to control swelling up to 2 weeks
– Patients must have enough supply of excess fat to be harvested.
– Patients might react negatively towards drugs prescribed or used during and after the process.
– Patients might require numerous touch ups which are performed between 3- 4 months apart.
– The cost of the process may be prohibitive to people who may wish to have their butts augmented.