Brazilian Butt Augmentation,  Choosing a Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Augmentation: Choosing a Surgeon

When you have decided to take the plunge and get yourself the butt you have always wanted, you want to find the best surgeon out there for the procedure. This means interviewing and evaluating surgeons. A lot of patients fall down here on this step. They meet with the first or second surgeon and his charming pitch just wins them over completely. And they stop their search and schedule the procedure. Then afterward, they’re unhappy and need to go to someone else for a revision. In a worst case scenario, they don’t have other sites from which to pull fat, which means they can’t donate any more fat cells for the procedure. So the revision can’t be another Brazilian butt augmentation.
Don’t let this happen to you. You have to thoroughly check out your plastic surgeon. The changes you are making to your body are permanent and come with risks just like any other procedure.
First, you want to find a surgeon who is board certified. You can check any plastic surgeon’s credentials through their credentialing agency, the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Or check with the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
Although most procedures go off without a hitch, there are real horror stories out there. There are procedures that have gone horribly wrong resulting in terribly scarring or deformity. There have even been cases of death. Recently Kayne West’s mother died the day after a plastic surgery procedure. Even being wealthy cannot protect you from being fooled. Now perhaps in her case there was some unforeseeable circumstance and her death is not the fault of the surgeon. That case is still pending. But it is a reminder to everyone that plastic surgery is still surgery.
An American Society of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon has a minimum of two years experience in plastic surgery, and at minimum of five years of surgical experience overall. He is someone who has experience and has been trained in all plastic surgery procedures. His surgeries only take place in accredited facilities. His code of ethics is deemed strict. He is also a surgeon who completes his continuing education. So he is current on new technology and standards.
The big question you want to ask your surgeon is ‘how many Brazilian butt augmentations have you performed?’ This is true for any procedure you are considering. Next, find out how many he regularly performs. In other words, how many has he done this month? This week? Today? You want someone who is exceptionally familiar with this procedure. A great plastic surgeon is great, but what you really need is someone whose specialties include the procedure you are about to get.
Why is that so important? Because that means he has tons of practice. He is quite familiar with the procedure and he has likely refined it for himself. He has learned tricks that work and make the results more favorable for the patient. Someone who is unfamiliar with the procedure will essentially be practicing on you. Is that what you want? You want your buttocks to be a practice run for this doctor? Sure, you benefit his future patients, but what about your rear view? That’s what matters most here.
Look for a doctor who is honest. Any doctor who tells you they invented the procedure, or they are the only one who does it is lying. Stay away. Look for a doctor who will be upfront about the recovery period. With the Brazilian butt augmentation, the recovery period is a real commitment. You want to do your homework, be very educated before you go in, and then listen to see if your doctor reveals all the information he should about the procedure.
Your doctor should tell you that roughly 25% of the fat cells he transfers will be lost no matter what he does—because that is true. He should tell you he will transplant more than are necessary to offset this. And he should warn you about the three weeks you’ll spend off your butt cheeks recovering.
A good surgeon will tell you about his own limitations, the limitations of the procedure itself. He will also provide you with pictures—before and after—of his previous work. He will talk with you candidly about whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.
He will ask about your expectations for the procedure. And he will inquire into your own personal reasons for pursuing the Brazilian butt augmentation. This will be more than one passing question. He will want to know that you are doing this for no one other than yourself.
A good surgeon will give you all the information he can, including alternatives to your procedure when there are some. He will give you his opinion, but also ask yours. And, most importantly, he will leave the final decision about the surgery up to you.
The Brazilian butt augmentation, or Brazilian butt lift, is a great procedure that generally produces terrific results. For women who have always wanted a fuller, more womanly behind, this procedure is the answer to their prayers. But you must be an informed consumer. That is a critical piece of the process. You must educate yourself so you can adequately evaluate the surgeons you are interviewing. This is the only way to find someone you will be happy with, and who will be able to give you the results you want.

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