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Brazilian Butt Augmentation the Procedure

A lot of women have anxiety about their derriere. Many wish for a fuller, rounder, firmer posterior. Let’s face it: in today’s world, a lady’s butt is considered one of her best assets. So if yours is not the way you’d like it to be, you may be wondering what you can do about it.

After all the squats, lunges, and dead lifts have failed to produce the results you would like, you may be turning to more permanent—and effective—means of getting the butt you’ve always wanted. The Brazilian butt augmentation procedure—sometimes called the Brazilian butt lift—could be the answer to a flat or drooping booty.

Brazilian butt augmentation is fast becoming a very popular procedure. This procedure is performed by first harvesting fat from other parts of your body. So, the unwanted fat you may have now in your lower back, abdomen, flank, and hips gets removed and then reintroduced into your behind. The fat is not simply shot into one spot. It is carefully placed at varying depths and spots so as to create a perfect curve, shape, and lift for your butt.

Once the fat is removed from your donor sites, the cells are purified and processed. This ensures that only the highest quality cells are reinserted. Typically, you will need to have two sites suitable for fat cell donation in order for the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure to have optimum results.
This part of the process is necessary to ensure permanence of the procedure. You will want an experienced surgeon to perform your Brazilian butt augmentation in order to get the results you want. An experienced surgeon will know the specific sites and depths needed to give you the curvy, sculpted butt you crave.

This also means if you are quite slight and lack fat cells to donate, the Brazilian butt augmentation is not the right procedure for you. You must have enough fat cells to enable the transfer, which creates the natural, sexy look women are after.

In order to prevent the loss of shape caused by the exodus of a certain percentage of the transferred fat cells, typically a slightly higher volume of cells will be transferred. This ensures your butt will retain a pleasing shape after the inevitable fat cell return to the original site.

You can see how the new-style Brazilian butt augmentation is far superior to the old-school method of implanting a foreign object to the derriere.


The upside of this procedure is that there is nothing artificial introduced into the body. There are no implants inserted and positioned. Nothing synthetic placed in your backside that you might later have concerns about. There is nothing for the body to reject. Your butt is enhanced using the products of your own body, which are simply reorganized for a more aesthetic appearance.

There are very few side effects—mostly because of the lack of foreign articles introduced to the body. You don’t need to worry about scarring. Your recovery will also be minimal. You can usually go back to work within a couple weeks. You can even resume regular exercise in about  a month weeks.
Because this is performed with your own fat cells, there is also a lower risk of infection post-op.

Tylenol is typically sufficient to manage the pain post-procedure.

Another advantage is that you get a slimming effect in other parts of your body—wherever the fat cells used as “donor cells” come from.

The procedure is typically done in the office under local anesthetic and takes only a couple hours.


Sometimes the initial Brazilian butt augmentation has to be repeated due to shifting of the relocated fat cells. Typically, the patient will know the full size and shape of her behind about three months after the surgery. At that time, many patients need a second procedure performed to enable more fat cells to remain in the transplanted location.

You need to sleep on your stomach for a period of roughly three weeks after the surgery to maximize the number of fat cells remaining in the transplant location. You also need to avoid sitting on your butt for a period of about three weeks or so after the surgery for the same reason.

A special garment is worn for a couple weeks after the surgery to reduce swelling.

The procedure can be costly. While the average cost is $8,000, many upscale, experienced surgeons charge $16,000.

“Bottom” Line

If you are a woman who has always wished you had a curvy booty, but you were born with a flat butt that no amount of exercises will boost, the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure could be your answer. If you once had a curvy bottom, but you’re noticing that it’s drooping lately, the Brazilian butt lift may be just what you need.

This procedure is safer than many surgeries, which rely upon implants of foreign materials into the body. But it is not without risks or sacrifices. It is best to educate yourself fully on what you’re signing on for before any elective procedure and the Brazilian butt augmentation is no exception. While a curvier, sexier butt is something more and more women want, there are things to be considered before undertaking the surgery. However, if you find yourself enviously studying pictures of J. Lo, then you may want to give the Brazilian butt augmentation surgery some thought.