Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Augmentation vs. Butt Implants

Do you love your butt? Or do you secretly covet a butt like the one on J. Lo, Beyonce, or even Jessica Biel?
If you want to love your butt, but Mother Nature issued you a flat butt then you may be considering cosmetic surgery.
Or maybe at one time you had a killer butt but aging, weight gain and loss, or loss of elasticity has caused your once perky butt to sag and droop. This is another reason a woman might be asking herself, Brazilian butt augmentation or butt implant?
Brazilian Butt Augmentation
This is a natural expansion of the buttocks because it utilizes liposuction from parts of the body with unwanted fat and then transfers those fat cells to the buttocks, injecting them into strategic points and depths. The fat cells are removed from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or arms, and then purified. Only the highest quality fat is used from the original procedure. Then it is injected in expertly so as to great the rounded, ample bottom you’d expect to see on a womanly, feminine woman. Its name comes from the Brazilian women studied by the doctors who pioneered this technique. But here stateside, some folks call it the “J.Lo Plasty.”
Butt Implants
A butt implant cosmetic surgery is quite different from the Brazilian butt augmentation. This is most often done through a three-inch incision placed at the midline of the butt. This serves as the pocket to allow him to insert the silicone implant into the buttocks. Your surgeon will locate this implant in between your fat and your muscular tissue. The resulting tissue from this placement acts as an adhesive of sorts to help the implant maintain its positioning.
There are different sizes of implants—just like breasts—and choosing which size is a decision to make with your surgeon, who will choose a size appropriate to your body frame and size. But these implants round out both your upper behind and outer areas of your buttocks.
How to choose?
Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. A concern with both procedure is symmetry between the cheeks. Each surgery takes roughly three hours to complete.
So which procedure should you choose?
Typically, if you are a candidate for fat injections then surgeons advise you to go Brazilian butt augmentation. If you do not have enough body fat to allow for a fat cell transfer, then butt implants would be your only option. Not all surgeons work with implants either.
Recovery is similar for the procedures: weeks in bed on your stomach so as not to ruin the surgeon’s work.
Butt implants, however, do have the highest rate of post-operative complications of all of the implant operations. There is a simple reason for this: think about how often you sit on your butt or lie on your back—and your butt! It’s pretty difficult to stay off of it! And it’s critical that you stay off of your behind for several weeks after the surgery to maintain the integrity of the surgeon’s work. Ultimately, you will be happier with the end result if you follow the doctor’s orders.
That is true of the Brazilian butt augmentation as well. You have to stay off your behind for three weeks in order to avoid killing off the fat cells that have been transplanted to the new site. It’s imperative that the blood vessels have time to integrate and grow into the new cells.
Something to consider is that the pain after the Brazilian butt augmentation is minimal. Often it is managed by Tylenol after the initial days post-op. The butt implants, however, often cause quite a bit of pain for the patient. Pain meds are often quite necessary.
Choosing a surgeon for the butt implants is a more complicated matter as well. You need to choose a surgeon who routinely does implants. One implant weekly would be ideal. This would mean he is very experienced with this surgery.
With the butt implant, you will have very frequent post-op visits for several weeks following the surgery. You will be unable to drive yourself for three weeks. If you have traveled out of town for the surgery, plan to stay for at least two weeks after the procedure. You will not be able to take long trips by air or car for roughly six weeks.
The incidence of scarring is more of a concern with the butt implants than with the Brazilian butt augmentation. Butt implants also can shift, and sometimes they harden.
Another benefit of the Brazilian butt augmentation is that some doctors can even store any extra fat cells unused in the procedure for several months in the case of the need for a revision to restore any dead or absorbed fat cells.
A lot of doctors also like the fact that the two-in-one nature of the Brazilian butt augmentation gives such great results. Areas that were once flabby are smaller and toned due to the removed fat. The butt is larger, rounder, but it looks even more so in comparison to the smaller areas around it. So the canvas surrounding the butt is improved, which in turn improves the appearance of the butt itself.
Many doctors prefer the Brazilian butt augmentation to the butt implants. But everyone has to make the decision for themselves. Cosmetic surgery is a big decision educate yourself.