Brazilian Butt Augmentation: The Risks

The Brazilian butt augmentation or butt lift (also called gluteoplasty) is a fast-growing popular procedure.

This procedure takes fat some other sites on your body—places where you have unwanted fat, such as hips, arms, thighs, and abdomen—and purifies that fat so that it is ready to be reinserted. Then the purified fat is reintroduced into the buttocks. You may get hundreds of injections of your own fat cells. They are strategically placed in various locations and depths. This is designed so that the upper quadrants of your butt cheeks become lifted and have a perkiness about them. Your cheeks after the procedure will look more feminine, more womanly, more sensuous.

Every surgery has side effects and risks.

The side effects of the Brazilian butt augmentation are bruising, swelling, oozing from injection sites, numbness, and puffy or uneven skin. These side effects are temporary.

The big risks for this procedure are the need for a revision surgery or asymmetry in the cheeks. But risks with the Brazilian butt augmentation are actually rare.

In fact, because this procedure does not introduce anything foreign into the body, this is a lower risk surgery.

In fact, the recovery is better than that for butt lifts. It is more affordable and you don’t typically have scars. There is no risk of rejection or rupture of anything. Your resulting butt will have a very natural look and feel to it. After all, it is natural. It’s your own body fat!

Another benefit of this surgery is that your other body parts look more sculpted due to the liposuction required to get the fat to begin with.

If you do not have enough fat deposits on your body to transplant, this surgery is not an option and you will have to consider a butt implant.

Because of the initial liposuction required for theBrazilian butt augmentation, the difference afterward is more powerful. It’s not just that your bum is larger, but the surrounding areas are smaller, which makes your butt look even bigger than it is. The framework around your butt has shifted, so how your butt looks is now different as well.

Because the initial procedure is a liposuction surgery, you need a very capable and qualified surgeon. Liposuction is not without risks in and of itself.
The risks of Brazilian butt augmentation are similar to that of any other surgery. This includes a loss of sensation, hematoma, infection, bleeding, scrarring, and seroma (which is fluid collection under the skin). There is also the risk of asymmetry or not getting the desired outcome.
The liposuction portion of the procedure has its own risks as well. There can be contour irregularities, injury to your organs, nerves, or blood vessels. You may even need additional treatment as a result.

Fat grafting also comes with risks. There is always the possibility of fat embolism, which is when some fat gets into your blood stream and then moves to your heart (lungs or brain). This is a very serious issues, but it is very rare. You also risk infection, your fat cells dying (fat necrosis), or more fat than is typical is absorbed or dies.

There is also the risks associated with anesthesia. If you have medical conditions that involve your kidneys, lungs, or heart you are at a higher risk for complications. Aspirin and other medicines can increase the risk of bleeding. Smokers are at a higher risk than non-smokers.  If you routinely use alcohol, you are at a higher risk than patients who do not. Ask around in your family to determine if anyone has previously had an adverse reaction to anesthesia. If so, you are at a higher risk as well. People with food and drug allergies are at a higher risk for complications with anesthesia. So are the obese and those with sleep apnea.

There are also rare complications with anesthesia, such as lung infections, stroke, heart attack and temporarily being confused.

Additionally, the fat is not just being removed. It is being harvested, which is a wholly different procedure. Your surgeon has to be extra competent.

Even in the best of surgeon’s hands, about a quarter of the fat harvested and reintroduced will die or be reabsorbed by the body.

Therefore, your butt might initially look too large. That is to accommodate for the 25% loss that is inevitable.

In general, the big things you should worry about with Brazilian butt augmentation are skin irregularities or dimpling, asymmetry, and depression.
When you have fat injected, it can cause bumps and dimples on your skin. This is dependent upon the elasticity of your skin and the amount of fat you’re having injected. The massage after the procedure should help eliminate the risk of this complication.

Asymmetry is a big concern. Scoliosis can magnify this condition. But in the typical person not two halves of anything on your body are identical.
Depression and other emotional or sexual changes have been reported after liposuction/body contouring procedures. This has been likened to postpartum depression. It should self resolve. But it is definitely something you want to discuss with your doctor.

Overall, the risks are lower with Brazilian butt augmentation than other more invasive cosmetic procedures. The lack of an introduction of a foreign object certainly helps lower your risk. But you should be fully informed about all the possible risks and complications so you can weigh those against your desire for a fuller, more ample, and sexier butt.