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Brazilian Butt Augmentation the Procedure

JloA lot of women have anxiety about their derriere. Many wish for a fuller, rounder, firmer posterior. Let’s face it: in today’s world, a lady’s butt is considered one of her best assets. So if yours is not the way you’d like it to be, you may be wondering what you can do about it.

After all the squats, lunges, and dead lifts have failed to produce the results you would like, you may be turning to more permanent—and effective—means of getting the butt you’ve always wanted. TheBrazilian butt augmentation procedure—sometimes called the Brazilian butt lift—could be the answer to a flat or drooping booty.

Brazilian butt augmentation is fast becoming a very popular procedure. This procedure is performed by first harvesting fat from other parts of your body. So, the unwanted fat you may have now in your lower back, abdomen, flank, and hips gets removed and then reintroduced into your behind. The fat is not simply shot into one spot. It is carefully placed at varying depths and spots so as to create a perfect curve, shape, and lift for your butt.

Once the fat is removed from your donor sites, the cells are purified and processed. This ensures that only the highest quality cells are reinserted. Typically, you will need to have two sites suitable for fat cell donation in order for the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure to have optimum results.

This part of the process is necessary to ensure permanence of the procedure. You will want an experienced surgeon to perform yourBrazilian butt augmentation in order to get the results you want. An experienced surgeon will know the specific sites and depths needed to give you the curvy, sculpted butt you crave.

This also means if you are quite slight and lack fat cells to donate, the Brazilian butt augmentation is not the right procedure for you. You must have enough fat cells to enable the transfer, which creates the natural, sexy look women are after.

In order to prevent the loss of shape caused by the exodus of a certain percentage of the transferred fat cells, typically a slightly higher volume of cells will be transferred. This ensures your butt will retain a pleasing shape after the inevitable fat cell return to the original site.

You can see how the new-style Brazilian butt augmentation is far superior to the old-school method of implanting a foreign object to the derriere.


The upside of this procedure is that there is nothing artificial introduced into the body. There are no implants inserted and positioned. Nothing synthetic placed in your backside that you might later have concerns about. There is nothing for the body to reject. Your butt is enhanced using the products of your own body, which are simply reorganized for a more aesthetic appearance.

There are very few side effects—mostly because of the lack of foreign articles introduced to the body. You don’t need to worry about scarring. Your recovery will also be minimal. You can usually go back to work within a couple weeks. You can even resume regular exercise in about  a month weeks.

Because this is performed with your own fat cells, there is also a lower risk of infection post-op.

Tylenol is typically sufficient to manage the pain post-procedure.

Another advantage is that you get a slimming effect in other parts of your body—wherever the fat cells used as “donor cells” come from.

The procedure is typically done in the office under local anesthetic and takes only a couple hours.


Sometimes the initial Brazilian butt augmentation has to be repeated due to shifting of the relocated fat cells. Typically, the patient will know the full size and shape of her behind about three months after the surgery. At that time, many patients need a second procedure performed to enable more fat cells to remain in the transplanted location.

You need to sleep on your stomach for a period of roughly three weeks after the surgery to maximize the number of fat cells remaining in the transplant location. You also need to avoid sitting on your butt for a period of about three weeks or so after the surgery for the same reason.

A special garment is worn for a couple weeks after the surgery to reduce swelling.

The procedure can be costly. While the average cost is $8,000, many upscale, experienced surgeons charge $16,000.

“Bottom” Line

If you are a woman who has always wished you had a curvy booty, but you were born with a flat butt that no amount of exercises will boost, the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure could be your answer. If you once had a curvy bottom, but you’re noticing that it’s drooping lately, the Brazilian butt lift may be just what you need.

This procedure is safer than many surgeries, which rely upon implants of foreign materials into the body. But it is not without risks or sacrifices. It is best to educate yourself fully on what you’re signing on for before any elective procedure and the Brazilian butt augmentation is no exception. While a curvier, sexier butt is something more and more women want, there are things to be considered before undertaking the surgery. However, if you find yourself enviously studying pictures of J. Lo, then you may want to give the Brazilian butt augmentation surgery some thought.

Things to know about Brazilian Butt Lift

buttliftBrazilian butt lift is a popular process which is not only recognized in Brazil; in fact it is performed in all parts of the world. To wish for bigger buttocks is not something wrong; if you do not have perfect body shape according to your desire then you can surely go for surgeries. Brazilian butt augmentation is not a complicated process though bit expensive. Not every individual can afford to bear all the expenses involved directly or indirectly with the operation. Well there are some other procedures of making bigger buttocks like you can have exercises, products, gels, creams and certain diet plans which can help you in it.

Brazilian butt augmentation through surgeries requires you to gain complete information about it so that you can have thorough knowledge about it. The operation involves liposuction process in it too. The first step you should undertake is to conduct thorough web search. Internet is the vast medium through which you can get to know about everything and anything. The next step could be to find the best surgeon. You need to look up for all the surgeons available in your state.  You must discuss your case with all the surgeons and try to gain suggestions from all of them.

The very next step is to look up that how much cost you would be paying for the entire process. In Brazilian butt augmentation you will be required to pay for the doctor fees, the hospital charges, anesthesia cost, medicines expenses and recovery costs. You will also have to bear the travelling expenses and during the recovery period you would not be allowed to go to your work, so it will make you loose your salary for that period. The total cost of the surgery would be quite much, so you must plan out your budget in advance. Or you can do by saving, start saving for the surgery when you think of undertaking the surgery.

Brazilian butt lift procedure involves liposuction in it. What actually happens is when you undergo a bigger buttocks surgery. Initially the fat is removed from the body of the patient like from the stomach, thighs or from upper back which is then re-injected on to the buttocks site. The fat is injected on to the buttocks after purification; it is treated with purifying agents and then inserted back. This fat is usually absorbed by the body. Before the Brazilian butt augmentation surgery, you must discuss with your doctor that whether your body is capable of undergoing the surgery, because there are some people who are skinny and fat is not available in their body to be injected on to the butts. So for them there is an alternative available which is silicone implantation. Silicone implantation is usually not advised by doctors because it contains some major side effects.

Brazilian butt lift process requires you to get to know about the recovery period and how you will have to handle your butts during it. You must take rest for at least three months and keep on performing exercises meanwhile. There are few side effects of liposuction process like puffiness and oozing from the surgical site. Few of the side effects of bigger buttocks through operation include numbness at surgical site, bruising and swelling in some situations. But all these side effects are temporary, with the passage of time, they all disappear.

Brazilian butt lift surgery does not only makes your butt rounded and bigger, but it also helps to make your stomach flat, your thighs get the perfect shape and all the extra fat is removed from the body. Thus it gives you a sexier and sizzling look. In previous days these surgeries were undertaken mostly and only by movie stars and models, but now a day’s common people have started undergoing the Brazilian butt lift surgeries.

In current days, Most of the ladies undertake this surgery during summers so that they can wear swimsuit in summers and can take sunbath. Bigger buttocks improves your confidence level and morale, it also enhances your sexual life. If you can not afford a Brazilian butt augmentation surgery, you can find other modes of making you butts bigger. You can find DVDs and CDs of workouts and exercises which can help you in burning extra calories and gaining a perfect body shape. You must be very careful in finding the exercises which gives prolonged results and effective ones, as people complains about the poor results of the workouts. So they quite exercising and lose hope to get big buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation Procedure Details

perform-brazilian-butt-liftBrazilian butt augmentation is a popular procedure which is not only followed in Brazil; in fact it has become recognized in most of the parts of the world. Every women has a right to look smarter and sexier, some of the ladies get good physique and body shape naturally, but if you are not having perfect figure. Bigger buttocks surgery gives you a chance to look smarter and to change your body shape.

Mostly middle age women go for Brazilian butt augmentation, but it is not essential that a young aged lady can not undertake this surgery. Brazilian butt lift process requires you to gain complete information about it through different channels. You need to discuss about it with your fellow beings who have ever gone through this surgery. Or you can conduct thorough web search as internet is the vast medium.

There are plenty of online websites which would help you in getting aware of Brazilian butt augmentation. You would be able to get to know about different methods available for having bigger buttocks. You can have surgeries, products like gels and there are several exercises present too, which would help you to lift up your buttocks.

A nice looking curve of buttocks is not only sensational, in fact it gives you perfect body shape and it helps you to improve the morale and confidence level. After gaining complete information about Brazilian butt augmentation, you need to select one method which is suitable for your body type. You must also check out that do you have enough budgets to under go a surgery. After selecting and finalizing the method of gaining bigger buttocks, you must look up for surgeons. You need to discuss your case with number of doctors and try to obtain advices from all of them.

The doctor must be qualified, trained and experienced and he/she must be certified with board of plastic surgery. Now telling you exactly that how Brazilian butt lift process works. In buttocks lift process, the surgeons usually use fat from your own parts of the body through liposuction. Liposuction helps to improve the posture and shape of the buttocks and it removes abdominal fat. This fat is then used after purifying. It is injected into the upper parts of the buttocks to make them look bigger. It would enhance the flat part and will give your buttocks a round shape.

Many of the ladies come up asking that who should take this Brazilian butt lift procedure; well it is mostly recommended for the people who already have extra fat on different parts of the body so that this fat can be used on buttocks. But if you are a skinny person, and you do not have sufficient fat on your parts of body, and then you would be given silicone implantation for bigger buttocks. Therefore, many of the surgeons believe that it would be easier and comfortable for the patient to use his/her own fat for butt lifting as compare to synthetic artificial implantation. There are some side effects of silicone implantation.

The actual procedure of Brazilian butt augmentation involves three steps: the first step is the harvesting of fat from the body. In this process the surgeon extract fat from your own body and purify it. The fat is mostly taken from things, stomach, and the back portion of the body above buttocks.  The liposuction process alone is beneficial enough for obtaining bigger buttocks.

The next step of Brazilian butt lift is purifying fat, after which this fat is injected back into your body on buttocks. The re injection process is not complicated yet lot of care and concentration is required by the surgeon during it. Brazilian butt lift procedure requires the surgeon to inject fat on the upper bottom of the butt; it is injected in buttocks tissues in depth. Once the whole procedure gets completed, you would be able to get big buttocks along with it you will enjoy flat stomach, things and back area.

Butt lifting is not a dangerous process if you have learnt everything about its recovery. Obviously it requires you to take a rest of few months for full recovery. The side effects of this process are temporary, and it usually heals up quickly. You can feel numbness and swelling plus bruising after the surgery, but it gets recovered with in few days. The liposuction process also contains few side effects like puffiness, discharging from surgical area. Therefore, butt lifting is a matter of few hours almost it takes two hours to complete the surgery and it would make you look sensual.