What do you mean by Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Brazilian Butt Augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can enhance the curves of your flat buttocks by providing volume in right proportions and reshaping your buttocks into the famous Brazilian curve. Fatty tissue is taken from one area of your body and transferred to your butts.


What does the actual procedure of Brazilian Butt Augmentation involve?

The actual procedure is a surgical one that involves taking fat tissue from one’s own body from the thigh or the stomach region and infusing into the buttock area to enhance the contour of the butts. It needs a lot of expertise and care to perform this cosmetic surgery.


Who is qualified to do a Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure?

Any cosmetic surgeon who has specialized in the field of aesthetic surgery is qualified and capable of doing a Brazilian Butt Augmentation. The cosmetic surgeon is trained to handle all sorts of cases and give the best possible contour to your butts with minimal complications and scarring.

What is the advantage of Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure?


This cosmetic procedure gives an attractive curve to the body back and shapes into a smooth curvaceous figure that can be the envy of other women.


Who is the ideal person for a Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Any individual who has a flat butt and wishes to lift it up into an attractive curve is the ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure. All figure conscious individuals who wish to gain more self-confidence with a perfectly contoured body can opt for the Brazilian Butt Augmentation.


How much does a Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure cost?

Though the cost may vary at different centers, the approximate cost of the Brazilian Butt Augmentation is $1,500.00. The liposuction procedure costs an additional amount of roughly $4,000.00 for two areas such as the stomach and the thighs.


What can be the unwanted side effects of the Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Though there are not many side effects of this procedure, some individuals may experience mild pain while sitting for four to six weeks after the procedure. Pain, bruising and inconvenience are felt for some time but all this is temporary.


Are there any contraindications for a Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Those individuals who do not have good health or have some chronic ailments such as heart disease or diabetes are not good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Augmentation. Bleeding disorders, underweight persons and chronic smokers are all contraindications for this elective procedure. You need to meet all the criteria laid down by the plastic surgeon and you will be taken up for the procedure only after a thorough evaluation of your health.


Which are the good centers for the Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure?

Although there are many good centers in United States, some of the top notch centers are;
Michigan Center of Cosmetic Surgery
The Vu Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery, Portland
South Florida Center of Plastic Surgery
San Francisco’s Premier Brazilian Butt Lift Center
Aventura Center of Cosmetic Surgery, Miami


Is the Brazilian Butt Augmentation long lasting?

The Brazilian Butt Augmentation is known to last for around 20 years. Age related changes may occur and care should be taken to maintain an optimum weight and health.


How long does it take to recover from a Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure?

It takes approximately three to four weeks to recover sufficiently from the Brazilian Butt Augmentation. Support garments are advised to keep the fat tissue in place and avoid sores. You will be up and about within a week or ten days but with restricted activity under the supervision of good post-operative caretakers.


How are the days immediately after the Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

As is the case after any surgical procedure, you may have to take rest for a week or so after the Brazilian Butt Augmentation. Proper hygiene maintenance can speed up the recovery process and all the instructions should be diligently followed. There is a slight discomfort in the butt area with minor swelling and bruising. There is no difficulty in passing stools or urine. You may have to sleep on your sides for the area to heal properly.


Is the Brazilian Butt Augmentation reversible?

The Brazilian Butt Augmentation can be reversed but quick intervention within one or two weeks before the fatty tissue gets firm. After this if you try to remove the blob of fat, it may loosen your butt skin and produce hollows in your butt area.


Does the Brazilian Butt Augmentation have an age limit?

This procedure is best done for people who are between 18 and 35 years of age. However, if you are above 35 and enjoy excellent health, then there is no reason why you should undergo a butt lift. Anyone below 18 is not advised a butt augmentation, unless it is a deformity.


Does the Brazilian Butt Augmentation leave any scars?

Since this procedure involves transferring your own fatty tissue, the incisions are very small, leaving small scars of around 3 to 5mms.


Does the Brazilian Butt Augmentation pose any risk to life?

If the cosmetic procedure is not done under sterile conditions, you may have a life threatening infection in the operated area. The other risk is with the surgical anesthesia which needs to be carefully monitored and administered in the right doses.


Do Butt Implant and Butt Augmentation mean one and the same procedure?

No. butt implants are surgical procedures where tissues from outside the body are implanted within the desired butt region whereas; butt augmentation procedure is simply transferring your own fat cells from another part of the body into your butt region. The Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure is distinctly simpler and more likely to succeed. The recovery time too is faster since the tissues get adapted quickly to the body.


Will continuous sitting make the transferred fat flat and disrupt the contour?

Once the fatty tissue gets infused into the natural tissue, your contour will remain intact. It is advisable not to put too much pressure in the infused areas to avoid bruising and infection. Care should be taken for the first six weeks to allow the fat to settle comfortably in the desired areas of the butts.