butt liftThe Brazilian butt augmentation is a procedure that will give you a fuller, ample bottom. The Brazilian butt augmentation works by collecting fat from other spots on your body—these are called donor sites—and then processing and filtering that fat so that only the highest quality remains. Then that fat is inserted in the butt at various locations and depths to create the round, firm bottom you dream of.
When you wake up from your Brazilian butt augmentation, you will have some discomfort and pain. But you will be given medication to manage the pain.
Arrange to have someone stay with you at least the first night. You will need help. Your pain meds will make you very groggy. You will need someone to help you get up and down and make sure you take your medications and fluids.
You may also be nauseated after surgery for up to forty-eight hours. You will need someone to help keep you hydrated, which will help. Avoid just water or acidic fruit juices, as these will exacerbate the nausea.
Have a towel near your bed in case you have fluid oozing from the incision site. It may even be tinged with blood. That is all right, and to be expected. That will stop within the first twelve hours or so.
The recovery time for a patient who opts for the Brazilian butt augmentation—often called the Brazilian butt lift—is roughly three weeks.
In the first week, cold compresses can help with the pain and the swelling.
Many patients opt to skip showering the day after the procedure, but you can if you would like to. Just be sure to get your incision site nice and dry. A hairdryer set on cool or patting it completely dry.
Your incision sites need to be cleaned with alcohol at least once daily, but after bowel movements as well.
Your fat injection areas will need to be massaged three times daily. This should continue for the first six weeks. This reduces dimpling and helps distribute the fat. You may be numb for up to six weeks following the Brazilian butt augmentation. Massage will help alleviate this as well.
You may go home with surgical drains. If so, these will be removed after the first week of post-op recovery.
Your stitches will come out about ten days post-op.
You may have bruises, which could hang around as long as a month.
If you are a smoker, do not smoke for the two weeks following the surgery as this will inhibit your body’s natural healing.
This period is very important because sitting on your butt prior to that will undo all the good your surgeon did. It can also kill some of the fat cells. You have to avoid sitting up since that is essentially 400 pounds of pressure per square inch you’re placing on your delicate new fat grafts. It also shuts the blood flow off.
Stretching and squatting are not good during this recovery period either. These activities will stress the tissues and can even cause tears during the recovery time. The extracellular matrix holds the blood vessels that feed your transferred fat cells. This keeps them alive and in position. Post-op this matrix is only at about half strength. This is why you need to refrain from sitting, squatting, and stretching for at least three weeks after the Brazilian butt augmentation.
Your surgeon will have you wear a compression garment post-op in order to try to stave off swelling of your tissues. This is antithetical to healing. The compression garment keeps the tissues from swelling, but does not crush them or cut off your circulation.
In order for your transplanted fat cells to take to their new site, the blood supply has to reach them before running out of precious nutrients, which feed and nurture the cells. The blood vessels have to assimilate into the new fat cells. It takes about four days for your blood vessels to grow into your new fat cells. Then those vessels start getting stronger. The extracellular matrix needs roughly three weeks to get strong enough to be able to survive minor stress.
Therefore, for three weeks after the procedure, you will need to rest on your sides or stomach. You can occasionally get up to keep your muscles limber, but in general, it’s three weeks of bed rest staying off your butt cheeks.
Normal activity can be resumed at approximately six weeks following the Brazilian butt augmentation or the Brazilian butt lift.
Occasionally, a repeat Brazilian butt augmentation procedure has to be performed for total desired results. You help minimize that possibility by taking care of yourself during the recovery period and following the doctor’s advice. Weight loss and gain will impact the results. So will pregnancy. It would be best to wait until you have finished having children and are at a stable weight to have this procedure done.
This four to six hour surgery is completed outpatient and not covered by insurance. No one can decide if plastic surgery is right for you except you. But if you do decide on getting Brazilian butt augmentation surgery, then know what to expect once you wake up. The recovery time is extensive and takes a lot of commitment. Not everyone can spend weeks not sitting on their bottom. But that is a necessary part of the recovery.